Fortunate to have found my calling in psychotherapy, I love supporting your healing with a somatically-informed approach. To do so competently, I continually seek to cultivate skills via ongoing training and extensive practice. In addition to a foundation of respect and competency, I firmly support collaboratively setting and working toward goals.

Clients with whom I work include a range of professionals from various backgrounds, ages and industries - corporate, legal, financial, transportation, retail, art/design, healthcare, as well as children and homemakers.  

My professional development over the past several years focused on trauma, addictive disorders, employment-related challenges, interpersonal struggles, life transitions, grief and existential dilemmas.

Please feel free to contact me directly for more information.

Last Updated September 7, 2019

(415) 342-5196

 Carolyn B. Cooper, MS, LMFT, SEP, SAP
                    Somatic Psychotherapy & Consultation

           Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
                 Somatic Experiencing Practitioner,
                   Certified EMDR Practitioner,
                     Substance Abuse Professional (49 CFR Part 40),
              (Former) CA Office of Problem Gambling Treatment Service Provider