1.  What is psychotherapy and how does it differ from talking to a friend?

2.  What if my insurance is not listed here?

3.  What days are you available?

4.  How long does therapy take?

5.  What if my question wasn't answered?

1. What is psychotherapy and how does it differ from talking to a friend?

The definition provided onTherapy Network's websitefully answers this question:

"Psychotherapy is one of the healing arts: A time honored and powerful approach to healing the heart and soul. More simply, psychotherapy is the practice of talking things through with a skilled and trusted professional. Therapy provides a context for solving problems and healing emotional pain, and can be helpful in addressing some of the difficulties people face in their work and personal lives.

Psychotherapy is a process that allows you to explore difficult areas of your life. You can come to understand yourself more deeply, your moods and feelings, your reactions and your behavior patterns - how you have become the person you are.

Beyond that, old wounds can be healed when you are empowered to be yourself and to express your feelings in the presence of an accepting witness. The combination of new insight and freedom of self-expression can alter how you see and experience the world. It can lead to increased spontaneity, vitality, connection in relationships and the ability to make new choices. Therapy works well when a trusting relationship develops between you and your therapist. This happens gradually, as you experience that your therapist is non-judgmental, reliable and able to support you. Trust grows when you can experience that your therapist is on your side, providing a safe place for you individually or with your family or partner. A therapeutic relationship can promote healing, self-understanding and acceptance of self and others.

Psychotherapy provides a safe place to look at those parts of your life that aren't working well and are causing you or your family pain.  The therapeutic relationship is unusual because both you and your therapist give full attention to you and your situation. This allows you to focus on yourself and to speak freely in a way which may not be available in your personal or social life. While it may be difficult for friends or family to listen without judgments or expectations, or without offering advice, a therapist is trained to help you come to your own solutions.  Whatever you share in therapy is protected by professional standards of confidentiality which have only a few exceptions defined by law."

2. If I am not a contracted provider with your insurance provider, you may be able to access out-of-network benefits to work with me. You need to call the number on your insurance ID card to determine whether you have this coverage and how much, if anything, you will be reimbursed for the services of someone who is not in their network.  Also, you will need to know how to submit requests for reimbursement. If you choose to access out-of-network benefits in order to utilize my services, I will provide statements for you to submit to your insurance provider.

3. What days are you available?

Tuesday & Thursday
582 Market St., Suite 519, San Francisco, CA 

This office is located in the Historic Hobart Building on the corner of Montgomery Street.

Wednesday & Friday
830 B 5th Avenue, San Rafael, CA

4. How long does therapy take?

It is my intention to provide services which will expeditiously assist you in reaching your goals.  Based upon the information that you provide, your willingness to integrate suggestions and the specifics of your situation, I will provide recommendations to you regarding your treatment.

Therapists and clients are partners in the therapeutic process. You have the right to agree or disagree with your therapist’s recommendations.  Your therapist will also periodically provide feedback to you regarding your progress and will invite your participation in the discussion. 

Due to the varying nature and severity of problems and the individuality of each client, a therapist is unable to predict the length of your therapy or to guarantee a specific outcome or result.

5. What if my question wasn't answered?

Feel free to email or call me. In the event you do not reach me directly, you can leave a confidential message that I will return at my earliest opportunity.

 (415) 342-5196...

Carolyn B. Cooper, MS, LMFT, SEP, SAP

           Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist     
              Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, 
                  Certified EMDR Practitioner,                                                                                              Substance Abuse Professional (49 CFR Part 40),
          (Former) Authorized Problem Gambling Treatment Service Provider
CA License#MFC 44480
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